Current Release: 2020.11 [Updated 20-Nov-2020]

[Updated 20-Nov-2020] Version 2020.11 Update 1 preview build now available!

We plan to release version 2020.11 Update 1 in the near future. In the meantime, we wanted to make an updated build available to you immediately in case you are affected by the following issues in 2020.11:

New features

Extract Keyswitch Articulations

You can now extract existing key-switches that already exist in a MIDI track and convert them to articulations.

To extract keyswitches:

  1. Make sure the target articulation map has already been added to the project.
  2. Open the Piano Roll view for the track that contains the keyswitches.
  3. Right-click the left side of the Articulations pane, point to Extract Keyswitch Articulations, then select the target articulation map.

Cakewalk will attempt to match events within the MIDI track to any articulations in the selected articulation map. The following rules apply:

  • It will only extract generated MIDI events, not transforms.
  • It will only extract key-switches based on Notes, Control Change, or Program Change events.
  • When matching an articulation that generates multiple events, it will only match events if they are in the same MIDI clip.

Replace an existing articulation map with a newer version

Cakewalk now allows you to replace an existing articulation map with a newer/updated version of the same map.

When a newer version of an articulation map is imported into a project, it is added as a new map instead of replacing the original map. To replace the old map with the new version, right-click the old map in the Articulation Map Editor’s Articulation Maps in Project section, then point to Replace with and select the new map. The Replace with submenu lists all other articulation maps currently within the project.


Bug fixes


  • App can hang on startup at the splash screen when checking for updates with unstable internet connection.
  • Crash or failure to load a new sample in Drum Replacer.
  • Crash when committing an arrangement containing sections from multiple Arranger tracks.
  • Crash could occur when closing the app.
  • Sporadic crash when Display Muted Takes in Parent Track is enabled.
  • Fixed user reported crash on export audio.
  • Fixed rare user reported crash after recording audio.
  • “Catastrophic failure” error could occur if a project contained an invalid arrangement section when attempting to export audio.


  • Track Names shown in plug-ins are truncated or show invalid characters after 2020.11 update. This was reported in Console One plug-ins, Izotope Neutron and Waves CLA Mix Hub.
  • Waves CLA Mix Hub displays “Channel name contains illegal characters …” message on opening or saving projects in 2020.11 release.
  • Tempo based effects and instruments were not being properly initialized when residing within the ProChannel or FX Chains. For example, Sonitus: FX Delay fails to get Host Tempo when in FX Chains.

Articulation Maps:

  • Articulations selected unexpectedly with lasso select when Select Track Articulations with Clips is disabled.
  • Articulation maps fail to import if the map contains special characters such as “ as part of the map/group/articulation name.
  • Insert Time not working correctly with articulations.
  • Articulation map dialogs do not hide folders if their subfolders do not contain files that match the search filter.
  • Apply articulations by group applies more than one group of articulations.
  • Articulation Map Library does not refresh automatically after exporting a map to the library folder.
  • Articulation resize fails if the Snap to Grid setting causes the section end to be snapped beyond the start of the next articulation section.
  • Browse For Folder dialog box can open on incorrect display when importing articulations from a directory.


  • Unable to resize an Arranger section in an inactive track to the left if there are sections to the left in the active Arranger track.
  • Enable MIDI Output check box was missing from Insert Synth Options dialog when opened from the Synth Rack.
  • Renaming a Patch Point fails to update the send name in the track strip of the Track view.
  • Drag move of composite clip in track folders not working.
  • Mouse cursor can change unexpectedly when hovering outside of a modal dialog.


  • Export as Standard MIDI file did not respect the current track selection.

Download Cakewalk 2020.11 Update 1 Preview

We’re pleased to announce the 2020.11 release! This release introduces Articulation Maps, which are a universal way to deal with expressions/articulations in VST instruments or hardware MIDI instruments. Other enhancements include in-app activation/refresh, ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker when converting audio to MIDI or performing tempo extraction, Clips pane drawing and scrolling optimizations, project template enhancements, and much more, including over 50 bug fixes,  all in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible.

The Bakers

For new feature details, see New Features.

Should you need to revert to the 2020.09 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.09 Rollback installer.